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Where Does chocolate come from?

Thebroma Cacao, the food of the gods, also known as cocoa, grows only in the lush tropics. Our cocoa pods are hand picked, sun dried, and shipped to us from Ecuador. These pods contain the beans that chocolate is made from!

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Own a Piece of the world beyond

When you hold a cocoa pod in your hand, you are holding chocolate in its original state! Holding a pod in your hand transports you to the lush tropical forests where cocoa is grown.

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Our customers love these cocoa pods! I never knew I needed them until I found you!
-Taza Chocolate, Boston, Ma. Read More Testimonials

Decorative tips with Cocoa Pods

The craft possibilities are endless with cocoa pods. Check out these fun ideas!

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Our Journey to Bring you a Piece of the world beyond

We spent years living in South America before discovering these natural treasures. Read our blog to learn more!

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