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Learn About Creo Chocolate and Sign Up To Win 3 Free Creo Bars, and Cocoa Pods and Nibs!

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I met Kevin and Janet from Creo chocolate a little over 4 years ago, when they were just starting out. I was living in Ecuador at the time and they were just getting started on sourcing and looking for a quality suppliers of great Ecuadorian beans. I helped point them in the right direction and the rest is history. 

So we're delighted to be working with Creo Chocolate again doing this fantastic giveaway of some top Creo bars, as well as a cocoa pod and bag of Arriba Nacional cacao nibs from Ecuador. To enter the giveaway just click here.

Below please enjoy this brief profile of Creo Chocolate:

Founded by: Tim, Janet & Kevin Straub

Location: Portland, Oregon

Number of Employees


Coffee Shop or Sit Down Available in store?

We have a cozy cafe where you can sit and enjoy a drink or chocolate while being able to watch actual production.

Describe your business in 3 words:

Hand-Crafted. Education. Experience.

What was your inspiration for going into the bean to bar chocolate business?

It was our passion for learning the process and authenticity of how things are made, grown, and produced. We also have a passion for relationships. Having previously been farmers we enjoy being able to work closely with a cacao farmer and to provide a product that is good for you and makes you happy .

What kind of education or career background do you have? How do those skills translate into chocolate making?

Janet is an educator and is always eager to teach and learn more. Partner her with Tim & Kevin's problem-solving capabilities and vision for the future and you have hard workers ready to learn all we can about a craft we're very intrigued by.

Can you tell us about your equipment lineup? Cost? Capacity on an hourly or daily basis? Type and brands of equipment? Custom built or off the shelf?

Some machinery comes from Europe, Asia, and some custom made equipment from America. We have repurposed many pieces and have made some of our own.

What was the largest part of your startup investment? Equipment? Marketing? Locale?

Educating ourselves into the world of craft chocolate by going on trips to find beans, a farmer, and learning by experimentation.

What is the most challenging part of your day-to-day business?

Bringing people through our doors and educating them on why bean-to-bar chocolate costs more than a $2.00 store-bought bar.

What do you enjoy most about the chocolate business?

Taste Testing! The excitement of finding beans, bringing them back, and making cacao nibs into a flavorful bar. Sharing with others about craft chocolate and seeing their eyes light up for the fist time.

Do you have any upcoming exciting new products or chocolate origins?

Yes! We are coming out with new, flavorful, exciting dark milk and white chocolate lines soon!

Where do you see the craft/bean-to-bar chocolate industry in 5 years, 10 years?

We would like to see the industry become more known and valued, this will come from educating the makers and consumers. We would like to see an increase in chocolate makers who have pride in their craft by taking the time to develop quality chocolate that brings out the best flavor and mouth feel. To support farmers so they can successfully make a living by ethically producing quality cacao.

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