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5 Great Uses For Cocoa Pods

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Our cocoa pods are great decorative items for home or store. Our whole pods are our most popular item but empty pods have a huge number of uses. You can do a whole lot more with them than just put them out on display or sell them to customers. Here are a five great ways to use open pods:

  1. Business Card Holder
  2. Votive Candle Holder-fill the bottom with sand and place candle in the pod!
  3. Fill with Potpourri
  4. For Chocolates, what could be better!
  5. Use a clear cellophane bag to pack some truffles up, put inside the pod, and seal it with a beautiful ribbon! What an original gift idea. 
For more great ideas about how you can use cocoa pods at your home or business, please check back here regularly!

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