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Cocoa Pods Soon to Be Spotted at Tumacacori National HIstoric Park

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It's always interesting to see where and how our pods are used, especially for educational purposes. Parks, museums, colleges, elementary and high school teachers and other learning institutions use cocoa pods in displays, as teaching and visual aids, and for research. The Tumacacori National HIstoric Park recently purchased our Chocolate Education Kit and Ranger Rick Collins had this to say:

These items will be used with a Spanish chocolate pot and other items to create a mini-exhibit on the use of chocolate and will also be used as an interactive interpreter-driven exhibit.

Chocolate is extremely important to the Spanish Colonial world.

The first report of coffee in Spanish Colonial New Spain was 1795 in Florida. Coffee doesn't make it to Arizona until 1815 and doesn't gain popularity till 1845. A listing of breakfast in the new American mining boom town of Tubac (established in 1752 by the Spanish) lists that for breakfast the person had a choice of chocolate or coffee. Since chocolate is listed first this suggests it still was the first choice.

Shown below are some pictures from their display, including an original spanish vessel for mixing chocolate and the mixer.

I especially like the part about the frontier missionary making chocolate his last request before being killed by the local people. Never go down without a fight, nor without chocolate!

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